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“The Madwomen’s Late-Nite Cabaret”

is a quick-change cabaret show featuring over a dozen characters including Joan of Arc, Marie Antoinette, Medusa and Sybil, all portrayed by just 3 actors.  The cast is rounded out by “Ethel Merman” as emcee and “Lizzie Borden” at the piano.  The characters sing classic cabaret songs paired with each of the historic characters to comic effect.  For example, Joan of Arc sings “Smoke Gets In Your Eyes,” Medusa sings “Hair,” and Sybil sings “I Am My Own Best Friend.”  The show has been previously produced by American Heritage Theater Project in Portland, Oregon, Main Street Studio Theatre, DivaFest and the IndyFringe Festival in Indianapolis.


It will return to IndyFringe in August of 2019!   


Madwomen’s Late Nite Cabaret is intended as a celebration of women, and their ability to work through their problems by communicating them, in this case, through speech and song.  In the absence of their real or perceived oppressions, they indulge in the freedom of expression that is available through the power of music and song in this safe haven where they can be their true, uninhibited selves.   What makes the show work, is the superimposition of strong, familiar characters over really great cabaret singing.   The piece serves as a showcase for talented female performers and may pique people’s interest in learning more about the characters portrayed. 

For booking or more info call 765-212-8127

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Touring History:

IndyFringe Festival  - 12 performances over 2 different years

             Montreal Fringe Festival – 6 performances over 10-day festival

             Valhalla Music Hall

             Farmland Cultural Center

             Muncie Civic Studio Theatre

             DivaFest Theatre Festival

             Northwest Cultural Center After Hours

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