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Sweet Indiana HomeHot Jazz Family Band
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Dr. Julie Lyn Barber's musical family sharing their celebration of music they have sung with their families for generations. The children play a washtub bass, and Hoosier Hot Shot style washboard while the parents play a variety of instruments including guitar, piano, harmonica and ukulele. Set lists are catered to each park to highlight Indiana history through music from the hot jazz and gilded age eras, and some good old-fashioned Americana. The shows are a celebration of early twentieth-century American music: listening to it, performing it, and the nostalgic memories it can carry from one generation to another. The band is a family of musicians who range in age from 13 to 55 years old. Many of the songs they perform, they learned from grandparents at the family piano. Many of those songs were written before they were even born, so they had learned them from their own parents and grandparents. Audiences in the past have been surprised at how many of the songs were familiar to them from their own childhoods and will be encouraged to sing along, share their memories, and make new ones. Among the songs in our standard set are:

Shine on Harvest Moon

Ain't She Sweet 

Won't You Come Home Bill Bailey 

On the Banks of the Wabash 

When Irish Eyes Are Smiling 

I'm Looking Over A Four Leaf Clover 

& More!

Five Foot Two Eyes of BlueHot Jazz Family Band
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How Ya Gonna Keep Em Down On the Farm.mpHot Jazz Family Band
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Up A Lazy RiverHot Jazz Family Band
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Toot Toot TootsieHot Jazz Family Band
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